Turn your ember into a flame.


YOU TO $30-50k/MO


My Mission

We live in a world where surface-level gurus offer empty promises. 

They sell dreams without ever having faced the nightmares. 

Real success isn’t glossed over; it’s battled for.

I'm here to transform not just businesses but souls. 

To ignite that burning spirit deep within, until it’s an inferno of ambition, drive, and success. 

I don’t just offer strategies; I offer a war cry. A call to arms, a challenge to rise, to break free from the shackles of mediocrity. 

To realize that every scar, every tear, every sweat drop, is a testament to your strength, your potential.

Together, we won't just face challenges. We’ll crush them. Relentlessly.

I’m here to lead you, to show you that within you lies a fire that can overcome every obstacle, and shatter every limit.

How To Succeed Against All Odds

An Authentic Battle Plan from An Underdog

I ain’t here to sugarcoat sh*t. 

I’m here to dish out the raw, unfiltered battle plan on how you can turn your life around, just like I did. But before you buckle up, remember this: the road to success ain't for the faint-hearted.

Guess where I started? A third-world country. 

Education? Barely made it through high school. 

Upbringing? Low-income, crime-ridden neighborhood. 

Yet, here I am, a powerhouse in online business and sales. 

If I can rise, what's stopping you? 

Back during the pandemic, when the world was on pause, I was hellbent on providing for my family—I had recently lost my ‘stable’ corporate job, had no money rolling in, and my wife was pregnant with our baby girl on the way.

Sh*t got real. 

With the competitive job market, I was faced with a choice between flipping burgers for minimum wage or trying my hand at online business. 

Guess which road I took? 

Damn right. 

I bet on myself.

I poured my blood, sweat, and military grit into e-commerce, and managed to pull in $50k a month.

But because of heaping overhead expenses, I was making zero profit.

So I made the pivot to closing deals for high-ticket offers—and that’s where things began to pop. 

The first month? A humble $200.

But through sheer will, guts, and a refusal to give up, by month three, I started pulling in $15k.


The secret sauce? 

Two words: persistence and confidence. 

No BS, no shortcuts. You either got it, or you don't. 

But if you don’t, you can damn well cultivate it.

That’s how I transitioned into coaching.

I began teaching other salespeople how to make six-figures in commissions.

I had a lot of doubters at first. 

But with my potent mix of confidence and strategy, and proven client results, I began charging up to $50,000 for my coaching. 

You know why? 

Because my methods actually work and I knew my fucking worth.

Fast-forward a bit: I built a business that pulled in seven figures in a month. 

Not because it was some revolutionary idea, but because I taught others how to have an unbreakable mindset and an unshakable belief in themselves, which was the key to unlocking their true potential.

You see, it's about the lives you touch, the difference you make, the legacy you leave. 

Now, here’s my challenge to you. 

If you’re all talk and no hustle, step aside. 

But if you're ready to grind, implement my coaching, and change your life, join me.

Remember, every tick of the clock is a moment lost—and time waits for nobody.

You ready? 

Let’s f*cking do this.

See the results...

Before I show you what’s possible,

remember this - it's not about where you start,

but the fire with which you push forward.


How Caitlin Made $13k in 3 Weeks

Charging High Ticket

How Connor Made $18,300

Helping Junior Golfers Play College Golf

How Savannah Went From $12k/m to $22k/m

All While Working LESS Hours

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Our Clients Are Getting

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Result: Russ Was Stuck At $6k/mo And 30 Days After Joining The Huddle, He Collected $32,000 In Cash!

RESULT: Marty Only Made 1 Sale In The Last Year. The First Few Days In The Huddle He Immediately Made A $15,000 Sale!

Then He Got Another 2 Sales! $55,000 This Month So Far And It's Only Been 7 Days Since He Signed Up On The Challenge!

RESULT: Now This One Is Just Ridiculous! Ryan Closed $70,000 In Sales In Just 24 Hours!

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Daily Sales Huddle: FAQ

Can you assist with my ads?

While we do not directly provide marketing services, Dan is available to offer valuable marketing insights occasionally through our Slack channels, which you’ll have access to in the Daily Sales Huddle program.

Can you help with lead generation?

CloseDeals.com is primarily a sales training and management organization. While we don't specifically do lead generation, we can share proven strategies across various industries to improve your lead generation efforts. However, it will be up to you to put our advice into action.

When are the Daily Sales Huddle sessions held?

Daily Sales Huddle sessions are conducted Monday through Friday from 10-11 am Pacific Time.

Do I get to interact with Dan, Phil, or a sales coach?

Yes, our experienced sales coaches and Phil are available to guide you throughout the week. You can also reach out to our internal delivery team via Slack for any questions or concerns.

Who is Phil Bohol?

Phil Bohol is a husband, father, and a Marine Corps veteran. He's a world-renowned sales and confidence coach, founder of Corps Confidence, co-founder of CloseDeals.com, and a highly-regarded leader in the remote sales arena. Learn more about Phil at

How is Daily Sales Huddle different from other sales training programs?

At CloseDeals.com, we prioritize daily execution to drive sales quickly and effectively. Our long-term clients understand the power of optimized daily execution and appreciate the impact we make on their businesses every day.

What are the expectations when joining the Daily Sales Huddle?

Upon joining, you are expected to implement our strategies and recommendations promptly. Most successful clients check in with us once a week and still see significant results. Your success will depend on your willingness to execute the tasks we suggest.

Can the Daily Sales Huddle assist businesses with unique clientele and target audiences?

Absolutely. Phil has guided clients from diverse industries. As we gain a deeper understanding of your business and audience, we'll advise on how best to apply our strategies to your specific circumstances.

Can the Daily Sales Huddle help if I don't have a high ticket offer?

We primarily help in boosting sales of existing offers. However, if you don't have an offer yet, we can give advice on potential options. But remember, you're responsible for delivering on any promises made to your clients.

How many business owners are present per call?

Our Daily Sales Huddles typically have around 8 participants. We aim to keep groups small for individual attention and large enough for diverse perspectives and shared learning experiences.

Do you provide any guarantees?

If you consistently show up and put our guidance into practice, we guarantee to offer the sales training you need to more than recover your investment with us. Many clients have doubled their revenue in less than a month.

Do you take a percentage of the revenue earned?

No, we don't. Our fee is a flat rate of $5,000 per month, per person. Any additional revenue you generate is yours to keep.

What if I can't attend the calls due to time zone issues?

If time zones are a concern, don't worry. Despite not making every call, you can still communicate with Phil and our team via Slack to get the support you need.

Is the service done for me, or do I need to participate actively?

The Daily Sales Huddle is designed to work with you. Phil and our team will partner with you to make necessary adjustments and improvements to your business every day.

What if I want to hire sales reps rather than improve my closing ratio?

We offer sales training and management for your existing team. Regarding providing our internally trained closers, we reserve this for clients who've already participated in our Daily Sales Huddle program and have the required systems and infrastructure in place. This approach ensures successful placements for everyone.

My mission is to ignite souls and transform lives.

To uplift, to challenge, to change the narrative for every warrior spirit out there.

Atlas Uprising is more than just business strategies.

It's about standing tall when the world wants you to bow down.

It's about leaving no stone unturned in your quest for greatness.

When the world expects you to crumble, stand tall. 

When it expects defeat, deliver victory.

In the face of adversity, we don’t bow. We rise.



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